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Six healthy and rich foods you can find in every kitchen

We always look for what’s healthy and rich, as Anthelme Brillat-Savarin wrote, in Physiologie du Gout,”Tell me what you eat I’ll tell you what you are” you are what you eat, this phrase is almost a fact, as our food provides our bodies with energy, it also provides us with chemicals that control our mood and physical health, many types of food have a huge effect on our chemicals, blood pressure, and some can work as antidotes and can even be after all a sort of medicine.
Here are some of the cheap affordable foods that everyone can find in their kitchen :


Of course, apples will be on the top of the list, we all heard the saying “ an apple a day keeps the doctor away”, it’s true in a way because apples contain few calories and 10 grams of simple sugar, also contain a decent amount of carbs, vitamin C, antioxidants that may also be found in coffee and green tea, and potassium which is essential for heart health and one of the most wanted minerals.


It’s weird to have bananas mentioned right after apples, they are almost friends, grew from Asia and moved to live all over the world, bananas are also a good source for antioxidants and vitamins, but in addition, they are rich in magnesium which is a friend of bones and manganese that helps reduce stress and release anti-stress hormones in the brain, two bananas a day can help you with the recommended needs of some essential minerals for the health.

Have you ever made almonds, avocado and bananas juice? Well, if not, you should try it, buddy, because it may work as an energetic breakfast to start your day with, almonds are mentioned to be one of the top rich in Vitamin E foods in the world 1 ounce “ 28 grams” of almonds can support up to 33% of your vitamin E needs a day, this vitamin that supports the human body on the war against heart disease, cancer, and Alzheimer.

Our teachers have always been advising us to eat carrots because it’s good for eyesight, well, they are not just good for eyes, they are good for other things that we are unknowledgeable about , vitamin K, which is important for blood coagulation and can promote bone health, also they can help increase levels of energy if you suffer from being tired all day, by supplementing you with vitamin B6, a group of related vitamins that are involved with the conversion of food into energy.

Garlic has a powerful way to heal inner inflammations, it was as a natural antibiotic for it has a lot of antioxidants and it can be very helpful with cold, all you have to do is to add it to It’s know loyal friend, olive oil and raw garlic work as an army of two to heal cold and help reduce blood pressure, stable blood pressure means less danger of having strokes and heart disease.

Butter or added to juice, peanuts are a good source of protein and a lot of fitness athletes use it a protein supplement, we advise you to include it in your kid’s breakfast so they can start a day full of energy and productivity.

*bonus info: science is still researching the relationship between food and health, a quote by Hippocrates: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Is now a days showing up to be true, since our health is dependent on our food, most of our sicknesses’ solutions rely on how we eat and what we eat, also, some mental illnesses can be caused by food or the inflammation of organs caused by food, so to avoid all of that, us human beings, must start being really selective about what we eat since a large amount of our food is not organic or natural any more.