10 Ways Body May Be Telling that Something’s Wrong

A desire to chew ice or to eat something salty all the time can be a sign of a deeper problem or a lack of minerals and vitamins, specialists say. That’s why it’s always a good idea to pay attention to any new developing habits, especially if they arise suddenly from out of nowhere.

We at onegooal have made a list of things your body may try to tell you in hopes to help you live a long and happy life!

1. A crawling, creeping feeling in your legs

You maybe do not feel comfortable when you want to take a rest. At any moment in the day, especially at night when there is no noise. You maybe feel crawling, since you get a negative emotion about your legs. It is like a strange part of your body. Please do not underestimate this problem because there is a high estimation that you are affected by the restless leg.

2. Thickening of the skin

This is really a huge problem. Its symptoms are on direct proportion with allergies unhappiness…. When it comes to the thickening of the happens when you continually scratch an area of skin for a prolonged period.

3. A change in handwriting, a loss of smell, and intense dreams

If you do not sleep well, and you feel usually nightmares. Moreover, in the morning you could not move fast as normal people, unfortunately, all this and the writing changes can be the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

4. Anger and aggressive behavior

We are human. We get happy sometimes and eventually, we get angry. However, all this aggressive behavior has limits that we could control. When these limits got broken, we do not talk about normal behavior anymore. It will be a disease, which has a relationship with internal problems such as unhappiness and depression. In order to be a happy person I advise you to talk to yourself in a positive way.

5. Sleeping too much

There is a fact. When people sleep too much almost every day, (I am not talking about tiredness and fatigue), what I am talking about is depression. They feel depressed. They do not have faith on themselves. This happens especially to those who lose something maybe money, job… In addition, they do not have another plan.

6. Changes in eye color

For people under 45 years old. The high cholesterol may cause a white ring around the cornea of the eyes. Some people want to have this kind of ring since it is harmless and will make them nicer.

7. Salt cravings

Many people around the world admire salty food. Nevertheless, everything has its limits, unfortunately; they eat it almost every single day. That’s will cause them many problems dehydration or even anemia. Therefore, it is up to you to have it or to avoid it.

8. Forgetfulness, fatigue, and a low libido

When people feel depressed. Their mood got down. They usually want to leave others and stay alone. However, doctors have told us about this situation that could signify a thyroid tissue in the body.

9. Always feeling thirsty

In order to live we have to drink water. Sometimes we feel thirsty but when we feel it every time. Therefore, there is a problem if you do not eat salty food. This can be the symptom of diabetes

10. Wanting to chew ice

Many researches suggests skipping craving or ice chewing. Since it has the possibility to damage the teeth. So I really advise you to avoid it