6 Gestures That Show a Man Is in Love With You and 6 Signs That Show He’s Using You

Uses You:

  • Original: He emotionally manipulates you.
  • Paraphrase: Recognizing manipulation, where your partner exploits your strengths and weaknesses, is crucial. Such behavior is unacceptable and necessitates reassessment.

Expresses Love:

  • Original: He’s ready to talk through problems.
  • Paraphrase: While emotions are normal, resolving conflicts requires effective communication. A loving partner should be willing to discuss issues calmly and admit fault when necessary.

Uses You:

  • Original: He provokes you to make public scenes or stays silent for days.
  • Paraphrase: Public humiliation or silent treatments may indicate emotional manipulation. A genuinely loving partner should never intentionally hurt you, requiring a reconsideration of the relationship.

The article encourages readers to share their experiences of feeling played in relationships and the associated warning signs.